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History of Kona Palisades Estates

Kona Palisades Estates

A few "Old Timers" have been here since the establishment of Palisades or soon after that. We would like for them to share some of the early memories of living in KPE and Kona.


KPE was incorporated on June 12, 1968. The subdivision is divided into three units. Unit I is located on top consisting of 231 parcles, Unit II in the middle consisting of 258 parcels and Unit III at the bottom with 294 parcles. This is a total of 783 lots.


Two lots were dedicated to the pavilion and two lots were dedicated to the county of Hawaii for water storage tanks. The remaining 779 are 90% developed.


The elevantions range from 850 feet to 1600 feet in the ideal climate belt.


Share our history


You don't have to be an old timer. Share some memories of moving in, getting acquainted, seeing development, or anything else that you think would be interesting.


If you have some memoires to share, email me at


Also, we'd like some photos of Palisades that you would find interesting. They can be of family gathering, scenery, activities, disasters, decorations, or anything else.


We do reserve the right to edit, reject, or modify any submission. The submissions become the property of the website staff but will not be sold, leased, or used for any commerical purposes.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is "Good neighbors make good neighbors." Having a good neighbor and being a good neighbor makes our community a wonderful place to live. With 750 lots, we should have many good neighbors with whom we can enjoy the beauty of Palisades.​

Our Values

We value safety. We have a Neighborhood Watch and a Volunteer Fire Department. We encourage safe and sane driving.


We value our beauty. We want to maintain our property so all can enjoy our beautiful scenery and our friendly community. 

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