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Crosson Pavilion

Located at the West entrance of the subdivision

Crosson Pavilion

The Crosson Pavilion at the west entrance to Palisades is owned by the Kona Palisades Estates Community Association.


Any property owner in Palisades in good standing can rent the Pavilion. When you do, it is your obligation to follow the previsions in the Contract. They are very specific. Please read and understand the contract or you will lose part or all of your security deposit. Minimum fee for a contract violation is $25. The Pavilion is inspected after each use for cleanliness and damage. Enjoy our Community Pavilion, but obey the rules. 


The pavilion has a kitchen equipped with a stove and refrigerator, Ladies and Mens Restrooms, 4 Picnic tables, 12 Tables 6ft each,  3 wooden tables 6ft each, 2-square tables and one 20" X 8ft serving table. There are sixty chairs. There is also a barbeque grill. Parking is both in front of the pavilion and by the fire station.


A contribution rate of $75 per day and refundable deposit of $125 are required. The pavilion is inspected the early morning after usage for compliance of the contract.


Use Contract. You will need to fill out a contract to be able to use it. Since it is in heavy demand, especially on weekends, plan ahead and complete the contract well in advance of your desired usedate.

Contact. For use of pavilion contact Karin Villaverde at Associa Hawaii.

Telephone: (808) 837-5293 or

Rules for Pavilion Use


No water slides and other water activities can be used!


No amplified sound or any kind of amplified music or band is allowed!


All activities shall be concluded before ten o’clock in the evening (10:00 P. M.)


No electioneering is allowed since we are a non-profit organization.


Users/Sponsors are responsible for all damages to the facility and its contents occurring in conjunction with such usage including amounts exceeding deposit.


Users/Sponsors must exercise due diligence in maintaining that activities are conducted in a safe and careful manner and assumes responsibility for the safety of guests. The Kona Palisades Estates Community Association is not responsible for any injury occurred in connection with such usage activity.


Users must furnish necessary supplies including trash bags and paper products. All garbage must be removed from the facility at the conclusion of such use. All tables and chairs must be returned to the storage room in an orderly fashion. All users of the bar-be-que must insure that adequate safety precautions are followed and that all coals and fires are completely extinguished at the end of use. Remove all debris around the bar-be-cue area; deposits will be withheld if food scrapes remain in the area. The oven must be clean after use.


Nails, tacks, staples or pins may NOT be used or inserted in the walls or woodwork. The User/Sponsor shall not permit excessive noise or disorderly conduct to occur at the facility.


Courtesy to nearby residents shall be extended and no vehicles shall be parked upon the premises of neighboring residents.




The facility must be in a clean and orderly condition at the conclusion of such use. The deposit, or portion thereof, may be withheld accordingly, or more may be charged.


Violators of above rules and contract may lose their deposit and future pavilion use privileges! Commercial or income producing activities are prohibited at the Center. Deposits may be forfeited for cancellations made less than two (2) months prior to date reserved.


(Official rules are within the contract. Be sure to read it before signing.)

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