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Palisades ViewsSummer

1981 No. 2

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Aloha: As a result of our Mail Service Committee's efforts for the past eight months we have mail service in the Kona Palisades. I think a big "job well done" should go to these people. Because of their success three additional committees have been formed. Anyone interested in participating on any of these committees please contact the committee director; your help will be appreciated. New Committees are:

Nuisance Committee - Director: Norm Lewis, 328-9358 This committee will evaluate written complaints and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for action.

Rock Wall Committee (entrance of Palisades, top and bottom) - Director: Jo Ann Williams, 325-7652 This Committee will evaluate design for a rock wall entrance at the bottom of Palisades and refurbishment of the wall and sign at the top of Palisades.

Traffic Control Committee - Director: Keith Crosson, 325-5187This Committee will evaluate traffic problems and makerecommendations to the Board of Directors for action. Your cooperation with these Committees will be greatly appreciated.


At our last annual meeting it was suggested that a higher return might be realized if we purchased Certificates of Deposits rather than leave our cash in Savings Accounts. As long as the accounts were insured by the Federal Government a higher safe return could be realized. I am happy to report that we have moved the money from the various savings accounts to various CD accounts with average returns of around 15%.


At our Board of Directors meeting in July it was agreed that lot owners submitting plans to the Architectural Committee for approval will now be required to submit a fee of $25.00 for new plans and $15.00 for revisions or additions. This fee is to be made payable to Frank D'Agostine. We have been informed by the Hawaiian Telephone Company of upcoming improvements to the "325" exchange. Apparently additional trunk lines are being installed to increase the calling capacity by 20%. I am sure we all agree that any improvements will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your continuing support. Dick Clark


NUISANCE COMMITTEE Volunteers are needed to work with Norm Lewis to look into the problem of violations of the Palisade's Covenants. Please call Norm at 329-6776 or attend the Board of Directors meeting on Sept. 9 1981 at 7:30 PM at President Dick Clark's home (very end of Malolo Place). Political Action Coalition In response to the increase in Property Taxes, Director Norm Lewis has met with the Tax Assessor's Office. In the next few months more meetings of this nature are planned in an effort to put a "cap" on the rising taxes on Palisades properties. The County Tax Assessor has been invited to meet the Board of Directors to hear our side. TRAFFIC COMMITTEE As Chairman of the Traffic Committee, I have made my first report to the Board of Directors. After consulting with several individuals interested in improving the traffic situation in the Subdivision, I find that the task ahead will be a challenge. The general feeling is that such things as warning signs will not help. Speed bumps cannot be used because our main street is County dedicated. Some suggestions would be to place rubber spots in certain areas of the road to cause those who drive too fast to reduce their speed. Another suggestion is to urge the County to provide additional access ways between the two major roads, thereby reducing traffic throughout the Subdivision. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please contact me at home, 325~5187, or at work, 329-5281. Keith K. Crosson Treasurer


IT FINALLY HAPPENED !!!*********************** After pursuing the issue for nearly a year Norman Lewis' Committee finally convinced the Post Office that we really need and deserve home mail delivery. That's a Fact. Starting now, all you need to do is put a mail box in front of your house. To learn exactly how, where, and what you must pick up an information packet from the Post Office with directions for installing your mail box. Of course, in order to receive mail, you must notify the world of your home address. You can obtain your home mailing address by calling the County Building Department. Have your Tax Map Key number handy. If you prefer to write for the address, you can contact the County of Hawaii, Public Works Dept. at 25 Aupuni St., Hilo, HI 96720. It is a privilege to offer our congratulations not only to Norman but also the rest of his Committee that included Adam Boose, Pat Clark, Virginia Moxley, Farrell Parker, Jean Schreiber, and Joe Walten. Next time you are in Matsuyama Store give them your personal thanks for all they did to make home delivery a reality.


Junk N' Treasurers for Sale Now that we have a regular Newsletter how can we use it to the greatest advantage of our members? The obvious reason and need is to keep everyone informed of the latest activities of our Board and Special Committees. But what else? I'm going to suggest that, starting with the next issue, we include a classi­fied section for those of you who have something to sell. This will be a free service to all members who wish to get rid of personal items from musical instruments, furniture and clothes to cars, boats, lots and houses. Also garage sales, you name it. I imagine that this will be quite popular so let’s try limiting each entry to two lines. It takes 65 letters and spaces to fill one line, therefore if you keep your ad within 130 it will fit nicely into your two line limit. I intend to have the fall Newsletter in the mail by the end of September so please get your ads to me before Sept. 15 1981. That will be the deadline.


Flower Lady SpeaksPat Clark has asked me to thank you for the cooperation some of you have offered since the first Newsletter. The bougan­villas are free but she must drive 50 miles to pick them up and have them at her house for you. Please continue to give her at least two weeks notice when you need some plants.


We Get Letters: After our first attempt at issuing a Newsletter I received four encouraging notes, all from different areas in North America" I am so pleased I’d like to share them with you. "Just a short note to tell you how much we enjoyed the first issue of the Palisades Newsletter. We often mention our "little piece of paradise" and wonder how it has changed over the past 6 years. It’s nice to know so many people care and even though we are far away we want you to know we care also. Thanks for all your efforts". John and Shirley House, Texas. "What a neat communication- we were delighted to receive the Views and update on the happenings in Kona Palisades ••• thanks for the profiles, they help us feel we sort of know these people. Why would anyone not want a Community Center? Good for you, keep fighting. We back you 100%". John and Bev Aikele, Colorado. "Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your "Views" and would like to congratulate you on a job well done ••• keep up the good work". Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Canada. "Received your April Palisades Views… was unaware there was such an organization ••• am pleased there is. Lloyd Geoffroy, Texas.


EDITOR'S CORNER Reni and I have just returned from two months in Honolulu. We lived there for many years before moving to Kona and directed the Scuba training portion of a Punahou summer school. We have spent the last three summers on Oahu with the School. It is good for all of us to get out into the world now and then so we won't start taking the peace and quiet of Kona for granted. I have spent most of today gathering information and putting together the summer edition of our Newsletter. Hope you received the first issue. If not, let me know. Remember, it is our Newsletter. It can be improved by your input. If you have thoughts and ideas about changes or additions please let me know. If you have something to say to the members jot it down and send it to me. I had hoped to obtain a mailing permit that would allow us to send the Newsletter for less than 5¢ but I can't convince the Postal Authorities that we qualify as a nonprofit educational association. All is not lost. We can eventually start using the bulk mailing rate that only costs about 9¢.


Let me thank Frank D'Agostine for his report in the previous Newsletter. We all appreciate it when Board Members share their knowledge with us because there is so much we do not know about the Association. Frank's statistics on new home starts over the past three years were a surprise to me. Sort of "Good news/Bad news". The figures indicated that in 1979 his committee approved 55 house plans. They approved 28 in 1980 and, if the present trend continues, this year will show an even sharper decline - I guess the lack of building is directly attributed to the high interest rates. For those of you who have made your permanent home in the Palisades this is good news because rapid growth usually contributes to noise, traffic, crowded schools, and utility problems. The bad news is seen by those of you who make your living in construction, sales, and financing of new homes. Aloha, Roy Damron, Editor

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