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Palisades Volunteer Fire Department

In Case of Fire Dial 911

Volunteer Fire Department Needs Your Help

The Palasades Volunteer Fire Department has a new water truck.  Thanks to those who helped make some repairs on it. 


Now we want to build a cover over it to keep it out of the weather to make it last longer. So, please continue to donate to our Fire company so they can continue to improve their facilities and equipment and serve us better. So, it is not too late to DONATE. These volunteers work many hours training and fighting fires for us. The least you can do is donate a few $$$$$ so they can do their job better.


Donations to:

Volunteer fire Company 7 Bravo c/o

The Daniel R. Sayre Memorial Foundation

P. O. Box 1285

Kailua-Kona, HI 96740


We can also use your help as a volunteer firefighter. 


Contact Captain John Bertsch

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